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Our compagny sees organisations as constantly moving and developing in order to remain successful and grow. The quality of the development is strongly dependent of the people and their behaviour in the organisation. Van Duin – Organisational Development contributes to the development by supporting the management of change, coaching and training of the leadership. Van Duin – Organisational Development has a strong background in the WCOM, LEAN and TPM practises as well as cultural and behavioural development programs to let the performances improve.

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Jet is an experienced operational excellence senior manager with strong leadership and relationship-building skills. Manages and develops large and dynamic international programs while maintaining high team morale and energy. Skilled mentor and mediator who excels at bringing out sustainable improvements.


Each program is seen as unique and the support delivered will be adjusted to the program specific needs. The approach will be aligned with the required needs and organization culture. We will stretch the organization to reach the limits of our opportunities and even more! We prefer to start with a current state assessment, this will include interviews with key stake holders throughout the organisation as well as observations of high impact moments in order to understand the real business needs.


Lean Six Sigma




Team building

Process improvement

International program management

Performance management systems including behavior

Operational Excellence

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